Methadone is a highly addictive drug and those looking to stop using methadone should be dedicated. Methadone addicts can recover from dependence by subscribing to 5 treatments of methadone addiction. The treatments involve clearing the reliance of the drug and changing the addict’s behavior.

Healthy Diet

A diet that is made of the right food and herbs is helpful in assisting the patient to cope with effects that result after withdrawing from drug consumption during treatment. During treatment, withdrawal from the drug stresses the body, especially the adrenal glands. Sedative and anti-spasmodic herbs help in relieving insomnia and irritability. Nervine herbs help in controlling nausea, stomach upsets, and anxiety.

Methadone Addiction Treatment

Analgesic herbs are essential in easing pain. A balanced diet is helpful in repairing the damage of the nerves, which is caused by methadone dependence. It also helps in the restoration of physical and mental stamina. Overcoming withdrawal symptoms is part of the treatment, as it prevents patients from reverting. Proteins are great at helping an addict cope with withdrawal and repairing nerves. They are obtained from animal products. It is advisable to take high protein beverages alongside a balanced diet. Raw and fresh foods are great during methadone treatment. It is essential to avoid taking sugar and processed foods as they are likely to increase cravings for food. Coffee and other stimulants, together with caffeinated drinks, should be avoided.

Gradual Withdrawal from Methadone

This is done by weaning the addict from methadone. There are various methadone clinics where clients can take extra amounts of methadone if they are clean of other substances. 200mg is enough for an addict to gradually detox. The dosage taken should be reduced daily for 5-7 days. The body will crave for more so it is important to have the dose administered by a medical professional.

Methadone Rapid Detoxification

This is a type of detoxification done by inducing methadone withdrawal symptoms. This is done when the patient is under light anesthetic and the withdrawal process is hastened. Methadone is cleansed from the opiate receptors using special medications. Withdrawal will take place in a few hours. When the addict wakes, the withdrawal symptoms will be over and there will be no craving for methadone.

Methadone Behavioral Treatment

The purpose of this treatment is to help the addict change their attitude to improve the success of treatment. It also helps the patient to cope with withdrawal symptoms. Behavioral treatment will make the addict identify and keep off factors that lead to the addiction. The addict has to be motivated to change their methadone dependence behavior in favor of a drug free life.

Methadone Rehab Program

Methadone addicts at rehab centers are taken through detoxification programs. Many rehabs have a medical practitioner to help those who need supervision when they are going through detox. The addicts also get help managing withdrawal symptoms. The addicts are assisted in overcoming addiction and preventing a relapse after stopping methadone consumption.

Addiction Support Hotlines

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